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ItapPirate is on the Appstore

Ahoy Mateys!

After a few weeks on the harbor we are glad to announce that the iTapPirate game is sailing thru the appstore! We hope to see you there at the final battle for survival on an island full of hostile pirates!

The game runs on iPhone3GS, IPhone4, IPhone4S, iPad1, IPad2, iPad3 and iPod Touch 4 and features high definition graphics with a Holographic View mode that allows perceiving objects like if they were popping out of the screen.


It also includes more than an hour of an Epic adventure in the Campaign Mode while traveling thru visually stunning environments and committing mass pirate genocide in the name of survival.


For an endless excitement, the gameplays combines survival modes with a highly social network to allow bragging on twitter, facebook or just smashing down the leaderboards with amazing scores by using PowerUps, destroying the levels while you go thru and performing spectacular killings while in Slow Motion.


Get the game on the appstore and keep an eye on the huge upcoming update that will double the game features!

And for only those that get to the Harbor level before the update gets to the store in the next couple weeks, there will be an extra hidden Weapon to literally burn down the ships!

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