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Holographic Glasses Free 3D Technology

While most Glasses Free 3D devices use complex tracking algorithms to represent their virtual environments; the technology used by Inter Illusion runs the math backward and uses the device gyroscopes to give the illusion of holding an entire three dimensional world that can be perceived from any angle.

When combining anamorphic projection and head extrapolation algorithms the world can be represented exactly from the viewer’s perspective which gives the illusion of a tree dimensional environment without the need of using 3D glasses.


Playing the game using the Head Extrapolation Glasses Free 3D Technology provides an improved game experience geared by the high quality graphics rendered with the Unreal Engine.

Brush Master

Brush Master

A racing game full of Painting, Mayhem and Tactics.

I2 Localization

i2 Localization

  A Unity plugin to help you localize your project



A Survival Adventure game made with the Unreal Engine.You will be able of cutting pirates in half and blow them up with all your weapo...

Crazy Jumpy

Crazy Jumpy

The coolest Rabbit in the craziest forest! Coming Soon.....

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