[i2auto] in google spreadsheet

4 years 1 week ago #1626 by NadTheVlad
Hey Frank,
The term [i2auto] is showing up in the google spreadsheet. This wasn't there before. Is this something new. or is there something wrong with the spreadsheet.
This happened with both the beta and asset store latest versions.
Nick D

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4 years 3 days ago #1635 by Frank
The [i2auto] tag is used by the plugin to mark translations that hasn't been approved by a human translator (i.e. translations done with Google Translator).

In previous versions of the plugin, whenever a spreadsheet was uploaded/downloaded, all the translations were parsed, and whenever the [i2auto] tag was found, that translation was replaced with the "=GOOGLETRANSLATE(xx)" formulae in google.

However, parsing every single cell when uploading/downloading the data was really slow. For big spreadsheets it was taking up to a minute to do the parsing. Given that performance is generally more important, I removed the parsing and now I just place [i2auto] for you to know that the translation is not approved.

Nonetheless, after more consideration, this is not a feature that users are actively using and if I remove it altogether, and I could get the synchronization times to be almost double the fast. (because the in the game side, there still parsing when uploading/downloading).

So, I decided to remove that feature in the next release (2.6.8). The only drawback of this, is that you won't be able to know if a translation was generated with Google Translator or if has been approved by a human translator. Most studios are doing that with other online tools to validate their spreadsheets, so it shoudn't have too much of an impact. And it will get your faster synchronizations!

For the moment, you can get rid of all the [i2auto] and it will work fine. Just do a Replace All in the google spreadsheet and replace "[i2auto]" by "".

Then, Import/Replace the spreadsheet into your I2Languages.prefab.

Hope that helps,

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4 years 3 days ago #1636 by NadTheVlad
Sounds good. thanks for the info.

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